Some great Mark Twain Resources on the net:
(this list will be changed and updated regularly)

Jim Zwick, at, has done a terrific job of compiling Mark Twain writings, biography, criticism, study guides for Huckleberry Finn and other books, information on the banning of Mark Twain's books, bulletin board, and other resources for students, teachers, and fans of Mark Twain.

Stephen Railton edits Mark Twain - In His Times which includes rare artifacts and resources within the Barrett Collection at the Univ. of Virginia Library, as well as letters, reviews, and illustrations.

At, Esther Lombardi has posted her top 10 Mark Twain books.

If you can't make it to Mark Twain's House in Hartford, the next best thing is a visit to this fabulous home on the internet! Their site seeks to develop an appreciation of the legacy of Mark Twain as a leading cultural figure. Take a tour of the house he built in 1874. ... guided tours of the 19-room, Tiffany-decorated mansion where...

Mark Twain on War and Imperialism
:  Jim Zwick again, with Mark Twain's writings about imperialism from early statements about St. Thomas and Hawaii to his last writings on Cuba, the Philippines, China, Russia and Africa, with essays about his involvement with the Anti-Imperialist League.

A searchable alphabetized directory of Mark Twain Quotations, plus maxims, opinions, links to full text newspaper and magazine articles, and more!

And of course, we can't forget Hannibal, Missouri--home of The Mark Twain Boyhood Home And Museum--this is a great site to check out if you're planning a visit to Mark Twain's boyhood home.

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Richard Henzel's

Mark Twain In Person

"A Steamboatman"
"The Amazon"
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